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Do you relate to any of these statements?

  1. I am disconnected from my deeper self, leaving me feeling empty and uninspired.

  1. I am overwhelmed with my obligations to others (work, family, friends, duties), but find it hard to focus on and take care of myself.

  1. My relationships seem to create more confusion and pain than satisfaction, similar patterns arising gain and again.

  1. I am lonely and desire intimate connection, but don’t know how to create or sustain it.

  1. I feel unmotivated and stuck, unsure of my direction, options or purpose.

  1. I am concerned that I have developed compulsive or addictive behaviors (alcohol, porn, food, internet, etc). I’ve unintentionally lost control and now am experiencing negative consequences.

  1. I am disconnected from others and am unhealthily isolated.

  1. I’ve experienced a significant loss and haven’t been able to get over it.

  1. My life is still being affected by trauma I went through as a kid. Neglect, abuse or poor parenting left me without the skills I need now.

You don’t have to conquer these challenges on your own. Counseling and therapy can offer hope, support, direction and renewal.


I know that we all need help in critical times.
Reaching out for support and guidance is a sign of strength.

Contact me at (541) 343-1937 ext 10, or via email. I would be happy to speak with you about what you are looking to address.
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